Natural Encounters

Clark Lake’s Eagle Will Have to Move Over

Clark Lake’s eagle must share its title of “bird of prey” with another.  Friday morning (9/4) this osprey was enjoying brunch on a dock along Eagle Point, facing west.  The osprey is all about its diet of fish.  They tend to nest near bodies of water where the fishing is good. And if one chooses… Read more »

Dog vs Ducks at Clark Lake

When dogs, particularly breeds like retrievers, see a duck, a switch goes off in their head that says “go chase.”  How do Clark Lake ducks defend themselves?  They move away from the action.  If on land, they fly to the lake.  If on the water, and the dog jumps in and gives chase, they find… Read more »

The Wise One

by Diane Deming

Are owls really wise?  It seems so.

This owl just sat in the tree for a long time on a hot day last week, apparently deep in thought. I did appreciate his stillness in that it allowed me to get my tripod setup.  That helped tremendously.  The detail and sharpness is the… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Wood Ducks

By Diane Deming

Wood ducks are normally done nesting by now. We have had hatchings as late as the 8th of July from the trees in our front yard, but it is a little unusual. Some times if nesting is unsuccessful or if suitable nesting sites are not found early enough, wood ducks will nest… Read more »

Eagle Returns

An eagle put on a show for those watching in the Eagle Point cove this afternoon.  The eagle appeared to be surveying the lake from a tree in front of the home of John and Elaine Stewart.  According to another viewer, B.J. Lyons, it kept its perch at that location for about 20 minutes.  When… Read more »

Barred Owls Update

Earlier this season, Diane Deming wrote of the barred owls at Clark Lake and included photos.  This is her update to the story.

On May 24th I discovered that the barred owl family had successfully raised two offspring. The photo shows the young owlets on top of the tree in which they were raised. Early… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Newest Residents

Unlike mallards that we see often at Clark Lake, wood ducks are less prevalent and go about bringing new generations into the world differently.  Wood ducks search for nesting locations in trees.  And some people at Clark Lake have put out the welcome mat by creating specially designed housing in trees or on posts high… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Birdfest

Clark Lake attracts some very interesting birds.  Diane Deming tells the story of visiting orioles and reveals the secret of attracting them.

These two videos show the differences in the male and female Baltimore oriole. The male is brilliantly marked with deep orange and black colors. The female is much lighter in color and slightly… Read more »

Barred Owls Return to Clark Lake Nest

by Diane Deming

The barred owl family is nesting in our woods again this year. We estimate that they have been raising their young here for at least 10 years. This photo shows one of the adult owls at the nesting site. Occasionally we can see the young owl through the large crack in the… Read more »

They’re Back!

And at least they don’t bite.  But the fish do bite and enjoy eating them, every minute of it.

Last night a Clark Lake resident was wondering “where are the mayflies?”  Usually they have arrived by now.  He walked out of his house and then, as if on cue, a thousand of them flew right… Read more »