My Clark Lake Story

Mike McKay’s Mark on Clark Lake

A place can leave a mark on you.  For many at Clark Lake today, and for generations before, that is true of this special place.  You can also leave a mark.  When looking at Mike McKay’s Clark Lake experience, his mark is dramatic.  Whether it’s the 100 houses on the lake he has built or… Read more »

Jean Dowsett

Jean Ward Dowsett was born in Jackson on October 14, 1909 and passed away September 23, 2003. She left behind this story about her time at Clark Lake and family cottage on the North Shore near Kentucky Point.  This story, never before published, was preserved by Sylvia Clark, who now owns the cottage.  The story… Read more »

Carolyn “Teensy” Zader

When I look back to my earliest days, I remember only from June through August. September through May was meaningless. My life started every June and ended on Labor Day when we returned to the suburbs of Detroit.

It all started at the Eagle Point Hotel where my family came every year starting before I… Read more »

Patti Boonstra

Let me start by saying something that I have always felt about our lake.  From the time I was growing up, I have always thought nothing really bad or tragic could happen while at Clark Lake.  I realize the word “happy” covers a lot of ground.  But that’s the word that comes to me to… Read more »

Bill Leutz & the Paddleboard

In November 2012, we began the tear down of our cottage at 1032 Eagle Point Road. It wasn’t that we wanted to do, but time had passed its sentence.

When I was a teenager, I spent one summer digging out a boat storage area underneath the cottage. As we were built into the hill, I… Read more »

Eileen Warnemiunde Falk

My husband, Don Falk, and I came to Jackson in the 1950’s from Minneapolis. We arrived the day before Don was to begin work as a controller for L.H. Field’s Department Store. We checked into the Hayes Hotel. The day was hot and the hotel had no air conditioning. I was miserable. Don was anxious… Read more »

Larry Schrumpf

What was it like to grow up at Clark Lake?  First let me tell you that I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in January of 1933 and was named after my dad, Lorenz (a World War I veteran), but we both went by the name of Larry.  My memories date back to when my… Read more »

Doug Ligibel

It was early morning at the end of August in the summer of my last year in high school. My father was dropping the 14-foot Glastron into the water from the boat lift. The water was starting to turn cold. I put on my full wet suit to start a slalom ski around the lake…. Read more »

Ron June

It is finally warm enough for the first venture out into Clark Lake on Memorial Day weekend 2015. That is significant for me because it marks the 65th consecutive year that I have experienced the refreshing waters of this spring feed lake. You see, my parents brought me into this world on Memorial Day of… Read more »

Charlie Timberlake

Like some other Clark Lake families, the Timberlake’s go way back—to 1895. To get an idea of why Clark Lake has meant so much to Charlie Timberlake, you’ll find it helpful to learn something about his family, including the career of his father-Clare Timberlake. His service in the U.S. Diplomatic corps took the family all… Read more »