by John Karkheck

Reach out and touch someone during the season of Thanksgiving. 

John Karkheck

I had a conversation with one of my good buddies at a function today.  The topic included how we are regretfully attending more and more final event celebrations for our friends, parents, and grandparents due to their age.

Life is too short and fleeting.! We won’t see these people again until we meet in Paradise.  It is therefore important to reach out and touch the people who have mentored us, and molded us into who we are today. 

During this season of Thanksgiving, it is important to catch up with these folks while we still have time. Stop by for an unannounced visit. You will quickly realize how important your visit was to those you see. Please, if you can’t stop to bring flowers or a home bake good, call them.  Don’t text them.  Many people my age (yes I am old) and older are electronically inept. Take the time, while you can. Tell them how much you love them and hope they are well.  The season of Thanksgiving is not just about gorging ourselves on turkey.