Dave Turk is the first to register his golf cart with Columbia Township Police.  The new Township law now makes legal what previously was illegal – operating a golf cart on public roads within the Township.  In the permitting process, owners are required to have their golf cart inspected and to purchase a sticker (fee is $50 for a two-year sticker, $30 for a one-year sticker, and $30 for a replacement).   Since Dave was first in line, he received sticker #1.

To pass the inspection, certain equipment is required.  Not all golf carts are equipped according to the ordinance.  As it turned out, Dave needed to add a few safety features.  He says “it cost $255” for the additional equipment.  Plus he added some reflectors that weren’t required but he thought would enhance safety.  Here is the official equipment requirements taken directly from the Township ordinance:

Dave Turk’s golf cart and some items he added.

  • Seat belts, both fore and aft
  • Seat belts
  • Side reflectors
  • Not required, but Dave added these
  • Windshield is required
  • Mirrors
  • Horn
  • A rear reflector, not necessarily a triangle


To read the entire ordinance, please click here.  Below are some highlights.

  • Must have a drivers license
  • Golf cart speed limit 15 mph
  • Must comply with signal requirements
  • Must not operate from 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 after sunrise
  • Must have minimal valid insurance and posses proof while operating on roads
  • Prohibited from sidewalks, improved paths or trails designated non-motorized
  • Prohibited from Township roads with speed limit over 25 or state roads (except to cross them) see map
  • Handicap parking ok with permit


Eligible roads at Clark Lake

Eligible roads for all of Columbia Township

To download these maps, please click here.

Ordinance 65 is now in effect.  Chief Niles says he plans “to continue educating and working with the public to get the citizens acclimated and carts up to standards.”  He adds by spring “it will be the expectation that if you use your golf cart on the road it will be done as outlined by the ordinance.”