The Eagle Point neighborhood received an unusual visitor today.  Depending upon whom you talk to, it was either a ferret or a mink.  But to be sure, it was a topic around the neighborhood.

This morning Armida Pearse saw what she thought was a black squirrel roaming her back yard that faces Eagle Point Drive.  But training her eyes on it, she quickly surmised this was no squirrel.  Her huskie, Bella, took an interest but just remained curious, not aggressive.  As the critter surveyed the parking lot of the restaurant at Eagle Point, a worker spotted the visitor.  He approached it, and petted it; it seemed tame.  He called it a ferret.  The critter explored up and down the Eagle Point hill.  Along the way, neighbors Jill Bentley and Kellie Garris had their own encounters.  Because the animal was on the road, Armida feared it would be hit by a vehicle.  She picked it up and put it in a cat carrier.  Now, what to do? 

Believing it might be someone’s pet she drove it to the Jackson Animal Shelter on Spring Arbor Road, where it is spending the night.  If someone’s pet, that’s where it can be claimed. 

About the question of its genre.  Some believed it was a mink, others, a ferret.  Armida said the Animal Shelter called it a ferret, so that’s what she’s sticking with.