This is no fairy tale.  It’s real life at Clark Lake. 

Geese are plentiful at Clark Lake.  Some will say too plentiful.  But what’s happening right now at Eagle Point garners a bit more respect for the species.  A female has laid eggs on a nest at the tip of the Point and is currently incubating them.  When ducks lay eggs, the work of the male has already been done, and most of the time dad is on to the next conquest. Not so with geese.  The male goose stands by the female while nesting, and both parents care for and protect the offspring every step of the way.  You will likely see this family stick together as they paddle around the lake this spring.  How geese bring up their young suggests the mortality level is much lower than with ducks.   

If you approach this nest, don’t be surprised if you are surveilled, stalked and receive a stern warning. 

Video and story:  Rick Belcher

Thanks to Flip Reynolds who spotted the activity.