Clark Lake is ever changing.  Just watch and it’s one scene after another. The first slide show reveals one of Clark Lake’s eagles.  The first photo is from yesterday and the rest from about 6 pm today.  In today’s visit, the eagle had caught something and was proceeding to have dinner high in a tree.  A crow wasn’t having any of it, and pestered the eagle to the point that the eagle took off with its prize.  The eagle had been in a tree along the Eagle Point Road shoreline.  Its flight path took it toward Pierces Bay and then over the treeline to an unknown destination. 

  • Thursday, April 9, 2020
  • Friday, April 10, 2020 - eagle having dinner


The “something” the eagle had caught might have been a duck as feathers and perhaps a web foot are visible.

The second slide show is a variety of photos from yesterday.  The wind has been very strong both yesterday and today, but it was especially blustery yesterday.  The sun poked out which created an interesting contrast as bits of ice or snow pelted the lake occasionally.  Quite unbelievably, someone took advantage of the wind on the lake, as captured by Mike McKay.  You’ll also see the effect of the wind and waves on the dam.  Plus there were a couple of turkeys roaming Hayes Drive, a place where they can frequently be seen.   The daffodils are courtesy of Dr. Lynn VanWagnen at the Hyde and North Lake triangle.  Thanks to Tucker Boyers for spotting them. 


Unless otherwise noted, photos:  Rick Belcher