The Clark Lake Community is an important part of my life. The Reed family has been part of this community for over 150 years. The first postmaster at Clark’s Lake (still spelled that way on some Michigan maps) was Great Uncle Jay D. Reed who was also one of the founders of the Clark Lake Baptist Church in 1868 and who built the house in which I live. My uncle Wink Reed, my father Marion Reed, and my sister-in-law Gretchen Reed all carried mail for the community for the past 60 years. By the way, the post office is the reason that our address is “Clarklake.” It turns out that there is another Clark Lake in Michigan, and before there were ZIP codes, the post office decided that we would be Clarklake.

The Clark Lake Post Office today is adjacent to Doyle's store on Hyde Road

The Clark Lake Post Office today is adjacent to Doyle’s store on Hyde Road

I am quite opinionated about our lake. I went to school in the brick schoolhouse at the west end of the lake. We wadded in the lake during spring recesses and ice skated during the winter months. I roller-skated at the rink on Eagle Point (before it became the home of the Clark Lake Player’), ate in the restaurant in the Eagle Point hotel and played on the porch, worked at the Pleasant View hotel and Consumer Power club house (the original one). I took dates to the Clarklake Players plays at the Tap Room of the Pleasant View hotel. I participated in the history of the lake. As my kids would say: That’s the way things were while the earth was cooling!

But that is the past. We are still making history. Our community is filled with interesting people. They are your neighbors and your family. Every community has a personality. Clark Lake is not a bedroom community. People live here because it is more than a place to sleep and then travel to a job. Clark Lakers are friendly, fun-loving and compassionate. If you didn’t know that, you need to get out more. Time to volunteer and support a community activity!