By Bill Leutz

Rollo Every

Rollo Every

If you’ve been associated with Clark Lake for years, you may feel you know it well. But, as is so often the case, the history of a place contains so many twists and turns the question emerges—can anyone be thoroughly familiar with the full story?  For example, Brooklyn has a street named Delameter. Who was it named after? And what did the De Lameter family have to do with the history of Clark Lake?

Those who remember the days of the Eagle Point Hotel and Pavilion are familiar with the name Rollo Every, and most of believe that he was originally from Florida. But how many know that his family arrived in Columbia Township as early as 1835? What did they do, and how did they come to be at Eagle Point?

The original homeland of the Potawatami Indians included the Clark Lake area, but what other tribes frequented this area?

Bill Leutz

Come back to this section of the website for periodic updates on the history of Clark Lake. I’ll be researching and digging deep. You’ll see the results of the research on the topics above, but also on some others that offer a tantalizing trip through our own Clark Lake virtual-museum. I hope you visit this site often, and like what you find!

I currently see this series as a collection of short articles, perhaps a couple of pages each. Obviously, a collection of this nature is potentially endless; so it is my hope that others may feel the urge to contribute their own material from time-to-time.

If you have any suggestions on subject matter or source material, please let us know. Send your ideas to Most of all, I urge you to return often to this site; and in particular, the history section. What’s ahead for all of us is a fascinating voyage through Clark Lake’s past!

Note– Bill Leutz is the author of The Clams Are Still Baking–Memories of Clark Lake.  This recently published book tells his story of growing up at the lake.  Included are many Clark Lake names you may recognize.  Learn more at Bill’s website: