Histories of Clark Lake typically include iconic locations like Eagle Point, Ocean Beach and Pleasant View.  The west end, or head-of-the-lake, has always been important to the lake. And it, too, is fondly remembered.


Carole and Norma

In 1947 Norma Gallaway (Lee) wrote a term paper for a sociology class.  Today it offers a fascinating snapshot in story and photos of life and economic activity at the head-of-the-lake.  Norma provided historical background of the buildings, businesses, and other institutions as well. As you begin your tour, you’ll see Norma’s hand drawn map of the structures along Hyde Road.  You can also check out landmarks still here and see how they have changed.  For example, the building that was once Lakeside Grocery now houses a law firm, Robert’s moved across the street and was renamed Doyle’s, and the phone substation has grown since 1947.  You’ll also see structures that are now gone–like the railroad depot and schoolhouse.

Norma typed the term paper on onion skin paper, which has yellowed over the years.  It was carefully preserved by her sister, Carole Ytrri, who inserted the fragile paper and photos into plastic sheets.  To improve visibility for this web presentation, the papers were temporarily taken out of the plastic for scanning. And to convert this document for the web, pages were reformatted and photos were enlarged.  No content was altered.

Norma and Carole Gallaway grew up at Clark Lake.  Norma, who wrote the paper, today lives in the Louisville, Kentucky area, as she has for the last 50 years.  Carole still lives at the lake on Hyde Road. Thanks to Norma and Carole we’re fortunate to have this  piece of Clark Lake history. You’ll notice the professor’s grade marking–a C+.  But you’ll want to give her an A!  Along with other articles on this website, it answers more questions about Clark Lake’s history and culture.

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