The Clark Lions Club has long had a strong presence at Clark Lake.  Because of the Lions, Clark Lake is a better place, and along the way they have added a “fun factor.”  Here’s an example.  On January 26, 1974, the Lions sponsored an ice festival at the Columbia Township Park at the west end.  The event featured airplane and helicopter rides; also snowmobile, ice skating and motor cycle races.  The Lions invited WIBM 1450 Radio to broadcast live at the event.  Check out the actual audio!

Track 1: Jim Swain tells how to register for the snowmobile races


Track 2: Jim Swain describes how the proceeds will benefit people with vision problems.  As you listen to this report, note the forecast.  The temperature is close to 50 on January 26th!  Warm winter weather has haunted winter events for a long time.


Track 3: Al Rutledge gives the results of the ice skating competition.

RB morning DJ WIBM ps

Rick Belcher, WIBM morning DJ  1974

Garry Osborn in WIBM studios in 1973

Garry Osborn WIBM afternoon DJ 1973