This is the newest concept for dock building.  The Invisadock stretches out into the water as any other, but it does not obscure your view of what lies beneath.  As you walk on it, you can view fish, crayfish, and turtles. 

The plastic material used for the walking surface is also a step forward.  You won’t have to worry about slipping.  In spite of its transparency, your bare feet will grip the surface with no problem.  And unlike darker materials that become very hot under the summer sun, the stroll on the dock will be totally comfortable.  The photo below is a prototype of the new Invisadock. 

One comment from a company official is worth noting, “when storing the dock pieces during the winter, you should put colorful tape on them so you can find them in the spring.”

This article was researched and written with the help of a news anchor who recently departed his position under allegations.  For obvious reasons, keeping his name inviolate is appropriate.