Natural Encounters

Eagle Visits the East End

A Clark Lake eagle made a visit to the east end early this evening searching for dinner.  Elise Bentley Fish reports that her husband, Brian, spotted a muskrat in front of their house on Florida Avenue about 6 pm.  Then, Elise, says “the young eagle flew down trying to catch him twice. He landed in… Read more »

Disguised but Not Undetected

This owl was camped out along Eagle Point Road in the area of the hill near Jefferson Road and photographed by Bill Leutz.  “We think he is a Great Grey” reports Ann Swain, Bill’s sister.  In person, he was “huge, about 20 inches high”.

There are those around the lake who would tell Mr. Owl… Read more »

A Harbinger of Things to Come?

Today John Deming spotted a small convention of ducks via the DamCam at the east end of the lake.  They took their time swimming around.  Like the swans last week, they were probably looking for a bite to eat.

Perhaps there will be a spring this year!

Clark Lake’s Most Wanted Natural Encounters, Part 2

When a remarkable catch emerges from Clark Lake’s murky depths, cameras begin clicking.  In this case, Steven Lambert caught this beauty while fishing on a dock at the east end, summer 2014.

Do you have a photo that you’d like to become part of the permanent Clark Lake record–the Fish File?  Email it to … Read more »

One of Clark Lake’s Most Wanted Natural Encounters

Whenever a remarkable fish is brought to Clark Lake’s surface, it’s an occasion for cameras to begin clicking to record the moment for history.  Over the years, there are probably hundreds, maybe more, photos of fishermen displaying their proud catch.

Fishing was likely Clark Lake’s first sport.  Some people will remember opening day early in… Read more »

Watching the DamCam

Keeping an eye on the DamCam, even on a forlorn winter day, has its rewards.  Just ask John Deming.  Today he spotted two swans looking for a bite to eat at the dam.  Although visibility was low due to weather conditions, you could see the swans as they maneuvered within the DamCam’s view. Most of… Read more »

Eagle vs Coot

Read the story of the Eagle vs Coot, but first the latest photo.  Both the story and photos are by John Deming:

The Friday after Thanksgiving, a sheet of ice covered the lake but there were a few open areas. In one of them, a group of coot were swimming around. They had apparently decided… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Eagle Returns!

There is a special connection between Clark Lake and eagles.  Just ask anyone the name of the point that is midway between east and west and juts to the north!  Clark Lake is receiving semi-regular visits by at least one eagle.  But to get a photo, you must be armed with camera and ready for… Read more »

Swan Family Teaching Moment?

Diane Deming spotted three mute swans flying around the east end of the lake this morning looking for a place to land. As you can see, the dark colored juvenile was with them, perhaps learning how to take off and land on ice.

For those not at the lake right now, here’s a quick update. … Read more »

Are Hummingbirds Always Active?

It looks as if they do take a rest now and then.  Becky Consonni caught this hummingbird napping, or resting, today.

Here are more photos of a hummingbird taking it easy.  Clip or tap to enlarge; repeat, to reduce.