Clark Lake Garden Angels

The following is from News and Events on this website, July 2014.   It takes a look at the public gardens around Clark Lake that are cared for by the Garden Angels and others.

Summer is blooming at Clark Lake and this is especially noticeable right now in some of our public areas.  As anyone who has tried his or her hand at gardening knows, great looking results don’t happen without a lot of hard work.  Fortunately Clark Lake has gardeners who are both willing to make the effort and are talented at what they do.

The Clark Lake Garden Angels work their magic around the Clark Lake Community Center and the triangle at the corner of North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads.  Garden Angels include Karen Bullinger, Shelly Wilbur, Sandy Simons and Ann Swain.

The garden at the corner of Hyde Road and North Lake is created and maintained by Dr. Lynn VanWagnen and family.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail committee maintains the gardens in the Columbia Township Park and the two gardens in the County Park.  People like Dan Omo, Pat Dwyer, Sheri Bush, Kristi Allen, Ann Swain, Peggy Collins, Sally Lyons, Tucker Boyers, John Karkheck, and Don Fowler pitch in to make it happen.

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The Garden Angels showcase mother nature’s magic at the corner of Ocean Beach and North Lake.

The Clark Lake Garden Angels devote themselves to making the most of nature’s magic, and they have been putting smiles on faces for more than 20 years. They are responsible for triangle garden at the corner of North Lake and Ocean Beach and for the gardens around the Clark Lake Community Center, located in the County Park. The club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6 pm, March through December, at the Community Center. Visitors are welcome. Karen Bullinger is president and welcomes your questions and comments. You can email the Clark Lake Garden Angels through this website at

You can make a donation to the Garden Angels through this website by clicking here, or by check.  The check should be made out to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation noting that the donation is for the Garden Angels, and then mail to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234.

More garden magic!

More garden magic!


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