Sally Lyons edit

Sally Lyons “standing upside down for Clark Lake”. On the day that this photo was taken, the water was very cold. Not too long before, there was still ice on the lake. So there were consequences for not pulling this off!

If you were going to do yoga at Clark Lake, where would you do it?  In the water–on a paddle board–of course!  That’s what Sally Lyon’s yoga class experienced this Saturday at Ocean Beach.  You may recall an earlier story about Sally who, on a paddle board, was “standing upside down for Clark Lake.”  To review that story, please click here.

The new version of the paddle boards is the current trend at Clark Lake.  Everyday more of them show up on the lake.  If you look at historical boat trends at Clark Lake, certain kinds of watercraft start slowly, build quickly and stay awhile.  Think of how each of these got their start and how they became mainstays on the lake–speedboats, rafts, Hobies, paddle boats, kayaks.