Deming and Fultonberg on the raft

John Deming and WILX-TV’s Lorne Fultonberg

Today WILX-TV’s Lorne Fultonberg traveled to Clark Lake to interview members of the Invasive Species Committee.  Lorne talked with committee Chairman John Deming and member Beth June about the challenge posed to Clark Lake residents from the invasive weed, hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM).   The interviews took place on John Deming’s raft on the lake.

The group visited several locations to view infestations of HEWM, including an area where the plants are now breaking the surface near the County Park.  Lorne Fultonberg’s report on HEWM in Clark Lake is scheduled to be part of WILX-TV’s 6 pm newscast today.

In this video, you can see part of the story in the making.  Lorne is holding a piece of HEWM and describing it as video is recorded for later insertion into his report.