It’s said repeatedly:  What unites the people of our community is the love of Clark Lake. This is not a place that you put up with because you were born here.  You’re here because you want to be, and that makes a huge difference.  The love of the lake is what we share. The word “spirit” is also used a lot in connection with Clark Lake.  It’s part of the name of the trail that circles the lake, the name of this website and the name of the non-profit foundation of which this website is part. Spirit comes up often in connection to Clark Lake.

Spirit was codified for Clark Lake by Tom Collins.  This is what he meant by “spirit” in relation to Clark Lake: “S” stood for service to the extended community; “P” preservation and promotion of our heritage; “I” involvement in activities events and projects; “R” respect for the water, land and one another; “I” improvement in the quality of life; and “T” teamwork with others in the area.

If you’re in this spirit, you’ll enjoy a video produced by Andy Scott.  His family’s history at Clark Lake goes back to 1944.  Today his extended family has 8 cottages on and around the lake. In his video you will see some fireworks from this Fourth of July.  Enjoy!