One of the great things about being at Clark Lake is taking advantage of moments, and this story is about that. 

Over the season, you can see three ice boats take off across the ice from their home bases, close to each in Pierces Bay–BJ Lyons, Michael McCarthy and Phil Schindler.     

The newest rig belongs to Michael.  It’s an Arrow ice boat, manufactured in the early 1960s in Mt. Clemons.  And at that, it’s one of the rarest of manufactured ice boats, according to Michael. Today was its maiden voyage on Clark Lake.  Michael says “I’ve been waiting a year for this!” 

Ice conditions weren’t perfect today.  A once inch layer of snow covered the ice which causes a drag on the runners.  The wind was gusty, but not enough to propel boats with desired velocity.  Perfect conditions aren’t all that common, so taking advantage of what you have makes sense, even if they are not ideal.  The sun came out, and BJ and Michael were lured onto the ice. 

In this short video, you’ll see Michael in his new boat.  A two seater, it requires more wind, and there wasn’t enough of it today.  As you see Michael round the flag, you’ll see him have a moment that Hobie sailors will understand–when you want the wind to catch your sail as you come about.   Of course, there could be plenty of wind tomorrow. If so, look for some exciting video on this website.