The DamCam has been restored to service.  It is now positioned so you can view Dam Strong rebuild progress.  You may also notice the latest DamCam enhancement–sound.  This should allow you to hear waves and water falling over the dam.  When windy, you may hear that sound instead.  Technical adjustments are being made to improve audio performance, and the camera may be down while tweaks are taking place. (Scroll down for problem-solving tips).

The new DamCam has far more capabilities than the old one.  The camera view can be easily changed to suit the occasion. Right now, for example, the view spotlights the work on the dam.  Later, the view will include more of the lake, as before.  An experiment today showed that the camera can provide a clear view as far away as Eagle Point.  The old camera was not capable of that sharpness, and changing the view required climbing the pole.  So, as the situation warrants, this website will alter the view to make the best use of the DamCam. 

Thanks to Mike McKay for financing the purchase and installation of the new camera.  Mike has been an integral part of the entire DamStrong project, including paying for the eventual landscaping of the area around the dam.

Below is an artist’s aerial rendering of the area around the dam when complete.

The rectangular shapes represent Spirit Trail benches.  All four have been purchased by donors in support of Dam Strong and the Spirit Trail.  There will also be a bike rack.

Viewing tips:

If a live view doesn’t come up after clicking DamCam on the website, click the photo that does come up.  That should lead you to a live view.

If still no live video, please refresh your browser.

For Safari users–if clicking DamCam brings no image up, try going to settings, find Safari and click “clear history and website data.”

Work continues to refine the audio.