Recent nightly temperature plunges into the below zero zone only encourages the hearty to create more Clark Lake fun out of it.  On Friday night, B.J. Lyons, Dan Omo, Jesse Meston, and Robert and Andrew Lajdziak transformed part of Clark Lake’s thick layer of ice into a hockey rink that might tempt the NHL.  And once again Clark Lake ingenuity and hard work won out over needing a Zamboni!  The building process started by first plowing the snow, scraping the residual that was left behind, and then flooding it with water.  Once flooded, mother nature took over–freezing the area with a fresh layer of ice and creating a smooth surface for the skaters.

The rink was built in the area of where Pleasant View and Clark Lake Lodge once stood.

Thanks to Sally Lyons for the story and to Carl Noechel for the photos of Saturday’s winter party, below.

Salley hockey 2Salley hockey 3Salley hockey 4Sally hockey 1 ps