Police photo

Two people were in the Chevy truck as it plunged through the ice into 15 feet of water on the east side of the Eagle Point Marina in the dark hours of Sunday morning.  Neither the driver or passenger was injured according to Columbia Township Police.  Chief David Elwell says his department has “determined who the driver of the truck was, and have interviewed him.”  He adds “charges will be issued, and we are still sorting out what they will be.  We should have that completed by tomorrow.”

Police photo

As you can see in the photo, the truck sustained significant damage.

Visibility was low, and it’s believed that the side or rear of the truck hit a marina dock at the time of impact.  There is open water in the area due to bubblers. 

Bill Bendele’s crew pulled the truck out of 15 feet of water.  They lassoed the truck’s trailer hitch to their boom truck and dragged it under two docks to a spot where they could get it safely to land.  They cut through about 6 inches of ice and then used the ice closer to shore as a platform.

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