The Columbia Township Board met this evening in a special meeting.  Trustees took the opportunity to talk about the Township’s role in enforcing the governor’s executive orders.  Comments you see in this video start with Supervisor Bob Elrod turning the floor over to Flip Reynolds. You’ll also hear from the Interim Police Chief Jay Niles.  This is not likely to be the last of this topic. Though not part of the video, trustees talked about the Texas case in which a hair salon owner was jailed. 


The Township Board also tossed about 2021 budget projections.  Treasurer John Calhoun summed up the outlook, “tax revenues will suck…it’s going to be ugly.”  The Township may look to increase administrative and inspection fees while they look for expenses to eliminate.  No action was taken. 

Now a little relief from the story that is wearing itself out.   

Today started with bright moonlight reflecting off the waters of Clark Lake.  The photo you’re seeing was from the DamCam in the 5 am hour.  

And at sunset, the sun offered its glow over the waves.  

Photo: Rick Belcher