unnamedUtility workers at the electrical sub-station on Case Road in Brooklyn found a suspicious package that had been placed under a large piece of equipment inside the enclosure.  The package was wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape.  According to Columbia Township Police, the utility workers could find no reasonable explanation for the package being there.  They then contacted police at 2:45 pm today (Thursday 4/28).  The police describe what happened next:

“Officers arrived on scene, and based on the suspicious circumstances of the package, made the determination to contact the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad. The Columbia Township Fire Department stood by on scene, and the Brooklyn DPW assisted on scene by closing off the roads immediately adjacent to the location.  A Jackson Community Ambulance stood by as a precaution.

“The MSP Bomb Squad was able to take several x-rays of the package, and eventually move it outside the sub-station. Prior to moving the package, as a precaution due to the package being directly under electrical distribution equipment, power to the substation was temporarily shut down for about a half-hour.

What was in the package?  It turned out to be a full of a variety of used hand tools. Police say the tools were not of the brand, quality, or style used by utility workers.  They believe that the tools in the package were intentionally placed under the equipment.

Columbia Township Police are asking for your help.  If you have any information regarding who may have placed the package in the restricted area, you are asked to call the police at (517) 592-3122.