Depending on the evening, the number of fishing boats on the lake may exceed the average.  This evening, the Hunter Hawgs competed in an ongoing fishing tournament.  About 12 boats launched from the west end at around 6 pm.  Once in the water, they sought out favorite locations around the lake.  With boats that will clock 50 mph, it didn’t take long to find their favorite locations.  The evening’s prize, according to those on one of the boats, is between $250 to $300.  Each entry pays a $40 fee.  That money goes to the winners of the evening and to fund the classic event held in the fall.    

What’s a winning catch?  For this group, the contest is to bring in 5 bass, each over 15 inches.  They are weighed, and the heaviest wins.

This group fishes on Tuesday’s, and Clark Lake is one of their stops during the season.  Other groups also visit the lake.