What’s a Lift Monster?  Clark Lake, and surrounding lakes, now has one.

It has become a necessary tool, says B.J. Lyons.  “Boats on our lakes are larger and heavier requiring lifts that are up to the task.  Some lifts must cradle up to 12,000 pounds.”  Those lifts have also grown in size, weight and complexity.  Not only heavy, they are awkward to handle.  In his work as a lake service provider, B.J. is well aware of it.  “It’s back breaking work. Sometimes it takes several strong guys putting in hours of effort.”  (Don’t miss the video…scroll down for it).

 The solution is a well-equipped motorized barge-like craft that can lift these modern-day beasts.  B.J.’s Lift Monster has the means to extend its grasp by inserting forks under the lift.  A pair of hydraulically powered downriggers stab the lake bottom to stabilize it during the lifting process.

The Lift Monster also has two 200-foot cable winches.  Combined they can lift a total of 12,000 pounds.  How are the winches useful?  B.J. says “if a car fell through the ice, the Lift Monster could retrieve it.”  And there are other applications.  “Tree stumps on the bottom of lakes are difficult, if not impossible, to remove using typical equipment.  This innovation can make those impossibilities a thing of the past.”  

At the same time boat lifts are more challenging to move, their numbers have proliferated.  Why do people want a boat lift?  It doesn’t take long for boat owners to realize the value of keeping the boat out of the water when not in use.  Even in Clark Lake’s clear waters, marine growth quickly attaches to the hull.  Power washing it at the end of the season doesn’t adequately remove the discoloration.  With new lifts added to the population yearly, B.J. realized the need to make his operation more efficient.  “So far using this unit is a dream come true.  It truly is beating my expectations.”

Would you like to see it in action?  View this video of its first job at Lake Columbia. In it you’ll see B.J. operating it.  Owner of the lift in the video and business partner Rich Evans assists, and is helped by Will Garcia.

Got questions?  You can reach B.J. at (517) 795-4491 or bj.lyons@me.com, 798 Lakeview (West) Drive, Clark Lake, MI 49234.