Sunday was a wonderful gift and a taste of what’s ahead as summer approaches.  And the sunset did not disappoint.

Some observations:

Those dark specs are not the result of a dirty lens.  They represent a bumper crop of mayflies.  Scientists say lots of mayflies are a good thing.  It means we have a healthy lake.  It’s also a feeding frenzy.  Turtles pop to the surface to grab them, and fish are gobbling them up.   If gluttony is a sin, Clark Lake’s wildlife are into it, big time!  Mayflies seem harmless enough to humans.  But keeping your mouth closed seems like an appropriate action.  And just because you walked inside, it doesn’t mean the mayflies stayed outside.

The sun sets more to north every evening, illustrating how summer is on the way.  The sun will be in the northernmost position from the equator on June 21st, the summer solstice, also the first day of summer.  Summer ends Friday, September 22nd.  Clark Lakers will enjoy every minute of it–to the fullest!