Another downpour refreshed the lake and lawns this afternoon (Sunday, 8/14/16).  The long stretch without rain was broken yesterday, and today’s follow up was welcomed by most.  What’s more, it didn’t seem to dampen spirits, as some continued to party.


According to a reliable rain gauge, an inch fell on the 580 acres of Clark Lake this afternoon.  So the question is: how many gallons of water were added to the lake today?

Some people who stayed out on the lake and didn’t come in from the rain were asked for their guess.  They generally guessed in the range of 500 gallons to 5000 gallons.  One guess of 10,000 gallons came from someone who sat it out on a front porch.

The correct answer is 15,729,320 gallons.   Thanks to John Deming who researched the question and found a website where you can calculate a reliable answer.

Before the rain, the lake hosted lots of boats, rafts and people enjoying themselves.  Some of them didn’t let the rain stop them.

DSC_9549_767 DSC_9537_765 DSC_9584_772

Then the evening brought one of Clark Lake’s famous sunsets.

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