With warm temperatures this fall, stretching the boating season has worked out quite well.  So how many boats and docks are still in the lake?  Cathy (C.J.) Cox and her crew took a lunchtime raft ride today and collected the vital statistics.  She reports:

  • 29 docks
  • 19 boat lifts (mostly empty)
  • 43 boats
  • 2 swim rafts

dsc_1738_1123The weather cooperated for their mission today.  The temperature was in the mid to high 50s and the sun was bright on the water.  There was enough wind to create whitecaps, depending on where you were located.

dsc_1734_1122C.J. commented they found only one other boat on the lake as they took their raft ride–fishermen near Eagle Point. Today was not the only day people could be seen on the lake. Sunday morning was calm, perfect for paddle boarding.