After a couple of weather-related postponements, the Spirit Trail cleanup is set to happen tomorrow (Sat 4/15).  The forecast couldn’t be better — partly sunny and a high of 82 degrees.

For the annual cleanup, here’s what happens. Meet Dan Omo at the County Park at the east end at 9 am.  He will have surveyed the Trail and can point you to where help is most needed.  Bring yourself, friends, and tools like rakes, shovels, plastic bags. To reach Dan in advance, call or text him at 937-0424 or email at  Below, check out the video from a previous year.



Clark Lakers point to the 7.3 mile Trail as one of the community’s crowning achievements.  Before its inception, it would have been difficult to circumnavigate the lake on land without cutting through yards or taking chances on Jefferson Road.  The Spirit Trail links neighborhoods, friends and families.  And now that trip can be made on foot or bike.  In 1996 Tom Collins said, “If common cause is needed as a focal point around which to rally, let us build a Path.”  Clark Lake took on two big projects simultaneously — building the Trail, and saving the Graziani house by moving it over the water to the County Park.  What an awesome heritage!