Shades of gray accurately describes Clark Lake skies over the last 30 days.  That changed last night when the DamCam caught a glimpse of what Clark Lakers relish—a colorful sunset.  Compared to with what you sometimes see at Clark Lake, it wasn’t a “10”, but it was a welcome change from mid-winter monochrome.

Those who watch the DamCam at sunset can often catch these moments of beauty when they happen.  The new Spirit Cam at the head-of-the-lake now offers its own version—sunrises.  This morning is an example.  Here are three photos taken during a 40 minute period.

Thanks to Mike McKay for funding the purchase and installation of both the DamCam and Spirit Cam.  Thanks also to Police Chief David Elwell for shepherding the installation of the Spirit Cam, and to the Columbia Township trustees who voted in support of placing it in the Township Park.