New speed limit signs went up today on both Eagle Point Road and Eagle Point Drive.  Here’s what to expect when you next travel these roads. 

As you turn onto Eagle Point Road from Jefferson Road, the speed limit is 40.

Just before coming to the intersection of Lakeview West and Eagle Point Road, there is a “reduced speed ahead sign for 25.”

A few feet north of the Eagle Point  Road and Lakeview West intersection, the 25 mph sign is posted.

As you head east on Eagle Point Drive, you’ll see a 25 mph sign.

Heading east on Eagle Point Drive, there is another 25 mph sign before you get to the intersection with Hayes Drive.

There are companion signs for 25 mph on Eagle Point Drive, heading west. 

Another 25 mph sign is posted on Eagle Point Road as you head south from the Pointe Bar and Grill parking lot.

On Eagle Point Road, there is a 40 mph sign just south of the intersection of Lakeview West.

Posting these speed limits has been part of a process started in 2015.  Columbia Township Police Chief David Elwell comments that he’s “glad the TCO process is complete and signs are now installed, and that speed limits are appropriately reflective of the neighborhood.” 

TCO stands for traffic control order.  When it comes to establishing speed limits three entities participate–local police, Jackson County Road Department, and Michigan State Police.  Speed limits became a hot topic in July, 2015, when police issued several tickets that were later thrown out.  No signs left questions.

The State Police published this document explaining how speed limits are established.  The process doesn’t automatically include the views of the people who live there.  Neighbors have been vocal about speeders on Eagle Point Road and Eagle Point Drive.  They point out that Eagle Point Drive and a portion of Eagle Point Road Part are part of the Spirit Trail.  People regularly use these roads for walking, running and cycling.  And there is a limited sight area as Eagle Point Road curves on a hill.