In the following, Becky Consonni tells of a remarkable experience the morning of the Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta.

ImageAn unusual occurrence or IS it?

A few weeks ago after helping launch the three Pease sisters on their Hobie 16 on the morning of the big Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta, I noticed something unusual in my photos!

In this shot, look at the sky on the starboard side of the sail boat. Amazing, isn’t she?? I hope you see the profile of a woman. She lingered around these ladies as they made their way to Eagle Point to the captain’s meeting before the race.

These wonderful ladies’ mom left this earth a year ago. The unity they showed in their efforts getting ready for this event was fun to watch (AND they won BEST yachting attire)!

Having lost my own Mom four years ago, I’m always seeing things in nature that reminds me of her (and my Dad, too.) Both of our parents will always dwell in our hearts and coming away from those death experiences taught me a new respect and empathy for the living who have gone through this. We all grieve differently and to move on is most courageous.

I met the three sisters late Saturday afternoon the day before the race and helped put their Hobie 16 together using my mast. It was a wonderful experience rigging this boat, new friendships made with Debi, Terri and Sandy! A beautiful memory on this beautiful Spirit over Clark Lake.

Pease sisters

The Pease Sisters, winners of Best Yachting Attire at the Fleet 58 Reunion and Regatta