The Welcome to Clark Lake sign has attracted lots of attention.  Many have praised Annette Fink for her artistry and drive to create the high-fired clay mural on North Lake Road. 

This project of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail commemorates its supporters.  On the Trail side are the names of those who have contributed $1000 or more.  Included are previous donors whose names were on the Trail pavement along Jefferson Road, but have worn away.  These original donors have been joined by new supporters.  

The Spirit Trail Committee has voted to upgrade the material used for the donor names.  Each 8 x 6 plaque will be cast in bronze.  The Sign will stand as a monument—a testament of those who love the lake.  With plaques in highly durable bronze, the names on the Trail side will also grace Clark Lake for the ages.  

Typically, the name or names on plaques are those of individuals or families.  A plaque could also be a remembrance. Each plaque is valued at a $1000 donation.  Company or organizations may also participate at $2500.  The deadline for submission is Tuesday, September 8th.  Checks should be made out to Clark Lake Spirit Foundation with the word “Sign” on the memo line, and sent to PO Box 224, Clarklake, MI 49234.  Donors can also make their contribution by credit card.  Click here, check the box that says “I would like this donation to go to a specific fund” and on the pull down menu, choose “Sign Up for the Sign – Spirit Trail.”  The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is a 501c3, so donations are tax advantaged.

This may be the last opportunity to act until next year.  For further information, please contact Tucker Boyers at (517) 206-2986 or

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