The monumental turf war in East Lansing might have caught the attention of some, but it didn’t stop the Shop with a Cop fundraiser at the Eagle’s Nest. 

What’s Shop with a Cop?    The program is designed to help children in need during the holidays.  With the funds raised, local police officers take needy kids to stores to pick out Christmas gifts.  John Lefere will drive the officers and kids on their gift-buying rounds in his luxurious motor coach. Later, all will be treated to lunch at the Brooklyn Sportsman Club, where wives will wrap the presents.  100% of the funds raised, about $2000 this year, will go to the Columbia Township Police Shop with a Cop program.

John Karkheck – Shop with a Cop, Rhoda Jacobs – Eagle Nest, Jay Niles – Columbia Township Chief of Police

Eagle’s Nest owner Blair Huff delivers an appetizer to John Karkheck and Police Chief Jay Niles. 

Being the day before Halloween, the Eagle’s Nest was appropriately decorated.  Notice the police tape on the window.  Then there was that crazy moment when the Chief cuffed restaurant manager Jorge Orozco.  Blair looks on warily, hoping it was in jest (it was).  

Last year, the Shop with a Cop fundraiser was held at the Clark Lake Community Center.  In this video, a Columbia Township police officers tells how the program made a big difference for one student. 

Shop with a Cop contact: (517) 745-2929