Memorial Day opens the door to the new season, and Saturday’s activity on the lake confirmed it.  Yet not all docks, boats and lifts are in place, as the photo below suggests.  If the admonition “be careful” ever applied, it certainly does here.

As the sun headed for the northwest sky, Clark Lakers wondered if one of the remarkable sunsets were headed our way.

The waning day did not stop lake activity.  It seemed to speed up, as if to say — there’s only a short time left to enjoy daylight.

Kayaks and paddle boards were out enjoying the last of the daylight.  Perhaps that was the subject of the text message.

Before setting, the sun hid behind a cloud bank.  And as it lowered, the northwest sky turned brilliant.

When observing a Clark Lake sunset, it pays to look elsewhere.  In this case, a jet contrail added to a picture perfect overhead view.

A kayak and paddle board duo entered the view creating a portrait that looks as if it could hang in a museum.

The season may be underway, but that did not deter this family.  These goslings are fortunate.  They have two devoted adults looking after them, and the offspring seem to respect their elders. This may be why the goose population has exploded, leading some to ask Canada to repatriate these creatures.

Finally, as dusk took hold, enjoying Clark Lake did not end for those on this raft or the others still on the water.