Thursday, July 22nd will be an important day at Clark Lake.  One o’clock is the time set for a Clark Lake salute to a person who has greatly benefited our community.  Annette’s dedication and talent are on display on the new Welcome to Clark Lake sign on North Lake Road. You’re invited to join other Clark Lakers who will be there to recognize Annette’s efforts and thank her for it.     

Annette Fink crafted this dramatic image in high-fired clay.  In doing so, it’s strong evidence of the Clark Lake Spirit in action.  The Sign illustrates how this community comes together to accomplish projects. 

How did this come about? 

First, a look back to the beginnings of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  The Trail exists because volunteers built it and continue to maintain and improve it.  In addition to volunteer sweat equity, construction required fundraising. In recognition of thousand-dollar donations to the Trail, the committee had donor names inscribed in concrete on the Jefferson Road section.  But time and weather wore them away.  The idea of the Sign emerged as a way to replace them.  The road side would carry a message of welcome.  The side facing the trail would recognize donors in a much more permanent way.    

When contacted by the Trail Committee, Annette graciously accepted the challenge.  She took design ideas, brought them to life, and turned the Sign into a work of art.  Today travelers on North Lake see the colorful welcome message and the image of the lake.  Those who walk up to it can see detail illustrating the Clark Lake experience.

With the project underway, Clark Lakers joined the effort under Annette’s guidance. One winter afternoon in 2020, they filled the Beach Bar activity room, helping to color individual clay pieces, each numbered.  The pieces were then high fired.  Those who worked on the project can now find their piece by a close inspection of the mural.

As the project moved forward, more Clark Lakers donated to the Trail.  Their names became part of the Sign.  The plaques are cast bronze and expected to last through the ages. 

The Sign can be seen as a message from Clark Lake today to future generations.  It signals how the community regards itself now, and is a challenge for the Clark Lakers of tomorrow.

The Fink’s generously donated the materials.  Annette spent countless hours in the studio and collaborated with the committee and others to produce the finished product.  The July 22nd gathering at the Sign will be a poignant acknowledgment of Annette’s devotion and a celebration of the Clark Lake Spirit.   

If you attend, organizers suggest parking at the Community Center and walking to the Sign.  Biking may also be a good solution.