Last Sunday afternoon, the Clark Lake Yacht Club held it’s second week of competition, and week 3 happens tomorrow (6/19). 

Race Chairman Scott Rosenbeck says a variety of class boats have participated so far: 16 foot Rebel , 14 foot Sunfish, 14 foot Hobie, 13 foot Hobie Wave, 12 foot Butterfly, and 14 foot Club 420.  In future races, he expects to see other classes to launch, including an18 foot Buccaneer, 14 foot CL, and 14 foot Laser.

Scott notes the race is “an OPEN class race (open to all boat classes) , with a common start for all sailors.”  It’s open to Yacht Club members and non-members alike.  Results are recorded, as you can see below.

Each racer’s elapsed time is adjusted to a “corrected time” using the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system.  This handicapping allows all boats to compete on an even field despite the vast differences in boat class performance.  The Club scores by awarding one point for first, 2 for second, and so on.  The season points are added, using the best of 13 races out of the total of 26 races.  Season winner?  The competitor with the lowest point total, who qualified with at least 13 races.

Interested in participating?  Assemble at the Yacht Club to prep your boat or check out one the Club’s boat.  Instructions will be given prior to launching so both beginners and experienced sailors can learn about the day’s race.  Life preservers are required for all sailors and volunteers.  Competitors should be on the lake at 12:45 pm with timing beginning at 1:15 pm.  Sign up in advance by clicking here.  The app will also communication race day delays or weather cancellations. 

The Yacht Club is seeing a sailing resurgence.  Pat O’Harris, commodore, says more sailboats are moored at its docks.  The Fall Regatta will take place in September.  Added to the event is the Buccaneer Northern Championship.  Click here to learn more about it.  

At a Fall Regatta, this website interviewed participants and asked them why they sail.  Check out the video below.