Overnight thunder, lightning and rain morphed into a misty overcast by morning, just in time for the 2021 Run Clark Lake.  As it turns out, the conditions were good Saturday morning for this high aerobic sport.  It is Clark Lake’s good fortune that this run has never been rained out.  Major league baseball teams can’t say the same. 

The 5K Run competitors lined up on Ocean Beach Road, headed north.  Competitors age 39 and under started at 8:30 am.  New tech allowed those 40 and up to start a minute later.  

Then moments later, the 5K walk took off. 

For detailed results for the 5K Run and Walk, please click here. 

At 9:30 am, the kids got their turn for the 3/4K Kids Run.

For complete Kids’ results, please click here

Pictures alone don’t tell the whole story.  See, feel and hear the 5K Run and Kids 3/4K action in this video.

Check out the stop action for the 5K run.

The 5K walkers were also had the Clark Lake Spirit.

Nobody could stop the kids, as you will see in this slide show.

There was plenty to see just by looking around, as you can see in these random photo ops.  

Events like these don’t happen on their own.  Many hands and hearts are required to put on a show like this.  At the top of the list is Pat Dwyer, who has been the race director from day one, over four decades ago.  He and Liz deserve lots of credit for the event, and for the contributions it creates for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail. 

Leanne Melling helps keep the event organized by marshalling the efforts of an army of volunteers.  What roles do they play? Things like the operating the water tables, guiding runners along the course, the bike leader for the 5K Run, passing out gift bags to the kids, cutting up fruit and bagels, registration, awards, and more.  

Thanks to these people, Run Clark Lake functions smoothly–Peggy Collins, Joe Rummler, Mark & Judi Kelly, Frank Slaby, Kim Guentner, Heather & Jack Russell, Laurel & John Reed, Linda & Flip Reynolds, Lexi Collins, Munro family (Nate, Casey, David, Foster & Cade), Karen Kiss, Jonas Maki, Mellings (Mark, Amanda, Brendan, Katelyn), Gary & Teri Schultz, Kellie & Phil Gritzmaker, Jake & Josh Rozycki, Brian Fish, Hoyt’s (Todd, Linda, Bradley), Michelle Bules, Jean Dertouzos, Vic & Gretchen Marshall, Tom Evanson, Elizabeth Tyndall, Diana Hughes, Kenny Eitel, Tucker Boyers, and Bryant Sanders.