Many here have memorialized someone or marked their own affection for the lake through a program created by the Clark Lake Community Center.  Please keep reading to find out why now is a good time to take advantage of this opportunity.

A brick pathway surrounds three sides of the Community Center building.  Many of the bricks are engraved with names that have one thing in common–these people love, or have loved, Clark Lake.  Family members who have passed, and those very much still with us, are part of it.  And in future years, this outward expression of fondness and care for this special place will remain in perpetuity.

Extended beyond the pathway on the east side of the Community Center is an area that salutes members of the military. A Ring of Honor surrounds the U.S. flag, and here you will find the names of active duty service members or veterans.

Both the pathway and the Ring of Honor offer a unique way to show love of Clark Lake and, at the same time, support the Community Center.  Click here for details on how to participate.  And why now?  The deadline is fast approaching for the last order for bricks to be engraved this year.  Orders must be received by October 21st for bricks to be implanted this fall.  And with the holidays approaching, what better time could there be to consider this as a gift?