You may have thought the ice on the lake was gone for the season, but nature had something else in mind.  With temperatures below 20 and lake water not warmed sufficiently, Clark Lake froze over again last night.  There are some open patches and the ice is only a veneer.  And more snow is on the way.

Below is a Bill Leutz’s photo of the refreeze taken this morning in the 8 o’clock hour (Thursday 3/3).  For minute by minute changes, visit the DamCam on this website.  It provides 24/7 live video of the dam at Ocean Beach and shows activity of a major portion of the east end of the lake. Below Bill’s photo is a detailed forecast (a constantly updated Clark Lake forecast is always available via the main page of this website).

BL refreeze 2016 03-03

Photo: Bill Leutz

forecast 2016 03-03