During the recent campaign to save the community center, over 100 Clark Lakers came to its rescue.  The names of donors will be seen for years to come on a large Recognition Display that will occupy the major portion of a wall inside the 125 year old historic structure.  Click here (and scroll down) to see who is included.

Recently Mike McKay and Rick Belcher (not pictured) met with Christie Sampier, a representative from the design studio that is producing the display.   A period-appropriate frame is being crafted to surround the display.  At the bottom of the display will be the phrase that tells the story in five words – Standing Up for Clark Lake.


At a meeting of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation board, the directors expressed gratitude to everyone at the lake who donated or otherwise helped move this project forward.  (Scroll down for an update on Clark Lake Spirit Foundation elections, and to view photos of the directors).

The names of donors will become a permanent part of the Community Center, highlighting Clark Lake’s dedication to preserving its past.  Artifacts meaningful to Clark Lake will be mounted on the walls.  Historical items like these from Clark Lake’s culture will be available to view and enjoy — Fleet 58, Pine Riders Water Ski Club, Raft-O-Rama, signage, the building of the Spirit Trail, Run Clark Lake, property maps, and more.

The house itself is a true Clark Lake icon.  Watching over the lake from Kentucky Point for 100 years, it observed Clark Lake morph from rural agriculture to a recreational destination, and increasingly, a place for permanent homes.  Construction of the early cottages was sometimes hurried.  To this day, some foundations consist of tree stumps.  Many cottages have not dealt well with the rigors of time and have not survived.  As older structures make way for beautiful new places, it’s good to know the Community Center, an example of the past, continues to stand.  Before the recent restoration began, an engineering study confirmed its “good bones.”  And so it has proven.  This Victorian Lady will reign proudly from high on its hill with a priceless view of why we’re all here.

The Community Center offers its culturally embellished environs for meetings and events.  It is often rented for graduation parties, small weddings or receptions, birthdays, reunions, and life celebrations.  Click here to learn more.

Those who donated and otherwise contributed time and effort helped save the Community Center.  Because of their selfless acts, serious deficiencies have been corrected.  The structure will age gracefully.  Being viewed and used, it will bring back warm memories and joy to all who love Clark Lake.

The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation accepted ownership of the house in September 2021, and has been responsible for its restoration.  The Foundation is also known for other efforts on behalf of the lake.  Some examples include DamStrong, improving the cemetery, publishing this website,  and support for other lake organizations like the Spirit Trail, Run Clark Lake, Raft-O-Rama, and Garden Angels.

At its most recent meeting, the board reelected founding member Mike McKay to another three year term.  Also reelected for another term was Melissa Owings.  Ann Swain is stepping away from her role as treasurer and director.  With the thanks of the board, members established a new title for her – Director Emeritus.  She will continue to advise.  Elaine Stewart was elected to the board and will take over treasurer’s duty.

Ann Swain is holding a memento that was presented in recognition of her service.


The Directors of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.

  • Rick Belcher, President
  • Kevin Thomson, Vice President
  • Elaine Stewart, Treasurer
  • Josie Hones, Secretary
  • Tucker Boyers
  • Mike McKay
  • Melissa Owings
  • Joe Thorrez
  • Mick Thorrez