Clark Lake’s Q-Lane, Sunday morning

Hours of rain doesn’t stop activity at Clark Lake, it just changes it.

Crews were busy this (Sunday) morning clearing Q Lane where branches blocked the road.  Eagle Point Road, near Jefferson, was partially blocked.  It’s been awhile since there has been a lot of rain, nor has there been a barn buster of a storm at Clark Lake recently.  So with trees bearing the weight of their new leaves, the rain, aided by light wind, brought down some weaker branches.

The rain was no problem for the Divers Mast crew.  After all, it makes little or no difference if it’s raining when you’re below the surface. And on a rainy day, you get the lake to yourself.

The divers train at the head of the lake and the new gazebo in the Columbia Township Park serves as a useful staging area.  Off shore in this area, there is a diving platform in about 20 feet of water.  It’s constructed of wood held in place by a metal frame and has been there for many years.  (Click or tap any photo for full size; repeat, to reduce.)

At this time of year, the water is typically clear.  One of the divers comments that visibility is good, “about 16 feet.”