Prudy Christman passed away on January 5th, as reported earlier on this website.  Prudy’s husband, Greg, wishes to thank the many who left kind messages of sympathy in the comment section of the story, or in other ways expressed condolences.  Greg would like friends to know that a Celebration of Life for Prudy will be held on Saturday, July 1st, 1pm – 4 pm at the Clark Lake Community Center.

In reading the comments about Prudy, certain descriptions of her wonderful qualities stand out.  They praise her for being kind, friendly, an inspiration, funny, active, spirited, an adorable bundle of energy, and spunky.

Regarding the last four qualities, Greg relates this story.  It was winter at the lake.  The ice was smooth and the wind was blowing hard.  Neighbor Fred Sibley had parked his iceboat in front of their North Shore location.  When he asked Prudy if she would like to be towed on her skates behind the iceboat, Prudy didn’t hesitate.  She grabbed the 75-foot tow rope, and Fred’s iceboat took off.  Prudy was having the time of her life in a way that totally fit her.  And, all the time, the boat gained more momentum. Lots of it. Then, Fred changed directions.  Anyone who has waterskied will know what that means.   Prudy was whipped around, at about twice the speed limit on Hyde Road. Making an instant calculation about her safety, she let go of the tow rope, and was catapulted down the lake at 40 mph.  Still upright on her skates, she sailed past Kentucky Point, then Eagle Point.  Somewhere east of there she slowed enough to gain control.

Prudy with Scott Sibley in 2002

Did Prudy take on the tow behind the iceboat with skating experience?  Turns out she had lots of practice.  As a teenager, she babysat for several families across the lake during the winter.  How did she get there?  On ice skates.

Prudy with Debbie Sibley in 2002

Hearing these two stories confirms Prudy’s love of physical activity.  She was a stalwart in the women’s exercise group, Fit Chicks.  That energy translated into other activities like planning family gatherings, volunteering at Clark Lake, or enjoying friends and family.  It’s that spirit that all will remember, and will be celebrated with the love of Clark Lake on July 1st.

Greg and Prudy on wedding day 1993

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