Electrical Substation at Clark Lake

View from July 2013 of the Consumers Energy substation construction (parallels Hyde Road and the Spirit Trail).

If there is a power outage while you’re at home, that fact becomes instantly apparent.  The question then arises “how long?”  And if you don’t live at the lake year around, what you don’t know may be a problem.  For example, an extended power outage in the winter could cause pipes to freeze if the furnace is not functioning.

Consumers Energy has a new service that deals with outages.  You can register to receive text or email messages, or both, should a power outage affect your place.  You can sign up for that service by clicking here.  Once at the page, click on the green box that says “sign up for outage alerts.”

Consumers Energy explains that the outage alerts are tailored to the type of electric customer:

• Residential – Customers can choose to receive their outage updates by email, phone call or text message by visiting Consumers Energy’s new website at https://new.consumersenergy.com to set their preferences.

• Business – Customers can sign up for text alerts simply by texting REG to 232273 (CECARE) and providing their account number when prompted.

According to CE, “the outage alerts are one of several ‘two-way customer communication’ initiatives the company has introduced as enhanced features on the new website. All are designed to give customers more control.”