port-a-potty destroyed in county parkIf you’ve been the County Park at the east end of the lake recently, you may have noticed that the port-a-potty was laying in pieces.  Columbia Township Police believe vandals blew it up with a 6-inch fireworks mortar Thursday evening (8/4/16).  They received of complaints of fireworks in the area, including a loud explosion.  Their investigation revealed the cause.  “A 6 inch mortar is typically considered a commercial grade fireworks, with 5-inch mortars typically being used in most local fireworks show.”  Columbia Police also comment “6-inch mortar in a confined space can do a large amount of damage and potentially injure, even out some distance from the explosion site when exploded in a confined space.”  In this situation, debris spread in about 100 foot radius.

IMG_0790Do you have information that would help police?  They ask you to call them at (517) 592-3122.

Another port-a-potty was recently destroyed at Clark Lake, but the cause was completely different.  A fire in a nearby construction dumpster on North Shore Drive consumed the portable unit that was set up next to it.