As previously reported, the Community Center Board asked the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation to assume ownership and operate this historic structure in the County Park.   The Foundation agreed to accept it, and the County has approved a new license with the Foundation.  Yesterday, the transfer became official as ownership papers were signed.  

At the meeting, the Foundation presented a plaque to outgoing President John Karkheck.  The inscription reads:

“Thank you for your dedication to Clark Lake and the Community Center.  This plaque is one small way to register a debt of gratitude for your years of service and efforts on behalf of all.”

In addition to John, other outgoing board members also deserve recognition—Dotty Karkheck, Sandy Petykiewicz, and Meredythe Hill VanDusen.  Meredythe, in charge of rentals, will continue in that role as she becomes part of the new leadership group.  Below is a photo of recent board members. 

L to R: Meredythe Hill VanDusen, Dotty Karkheck, Sandy Petykiewicz, John Karkheck, Diane Deming, John Deming

Clark Lake is fortunate.  It has a tradition of volunteering—people who are willing to devote time, effort, and resources to accomplishing projects large and small.  A new leadership group is ready to take up the challenge, and it’s a big one.  The challenge includes major renovations, and launching a fundraising campaign to support the work.