The Beach Bar’s new Gear Garage was the scene of lots of activity today.  The final touches and inspections were taking place–and the shelves were being stocked.  This will be the place to buy your Beach Bar and Clark Lake memorabilia, ice cream cones for the kids, or ice for the raft ride.  Below are the Beach Bar’s John Collins and Peggy Collins.  Also pictured is Mike McKay, whose M-R Builder’s built the new structure.  True to form, Mike’s blending the new structure with the Beach Bar main building and agreeably combining it with Ocean Beach shoreline present a picture pleasing to the eye. 

In this photo, John, Peggy, and Mike are standing behind the counter.  Below is a the view from Ocean Beach Road as the crew stocks shelves and readies for opening day.

It was a cold April 6th morning with snow in the air that the wrecking crew arrived to take down the old garage.  It’s always amazing how quickly this can happen. To view the 3 minute video, and to learn more about the project, please click here.