This evening, the phrase “go jump into the lake” will get a new meaning.  Six members of Sky Dive Tecumseh will parachute into Clark Lake from a plane 6000 feet above.  They intend to land in front of the Eagle’s Nest at 7:15 pm.  The landing target is water, not land.  Sky Dive’s Shaggio LeVesque says the water is shallow enough that they expect to swim or wade to shore.  A couple of jet skis will be on hand, just in case.

Shaggio says he has 20 years of experience, and his fellow sky divers have similar time in grade.

Why sky diving?  Jorge Orozco of the Eagle’s Nest says it’s about putting on a show.  Will he be packing a parachute?  “No.” Then his phone reception got bad.  In the midst of some mash up of random words, it sounded like he has some sort of concern about heights.