An important part of Memorial Day Monday is the salute to those members of the military who fell in service to our country.  At Clark Lake, it takes the form of Michigan’s biggest little parade at the west end.  Last year, the parade was a bit less little, and a little larger.  Thanks to the Clark Lake Lions Club, the tradition continues.

The parade will travel from north to south on Hyde Road with viewers lined along the way, starting at 8:30 am.  The procession turns around in Doyle’s parking lot.  Judi Kelly told the Lions Club organizers that Doyle’s would stay closed until after the parade so her lot can be used.  Previously, congestion slowed the process when the turnaround took place in the Township Park.

The parade combines fun with patriotism and addresses the seriousness of the occasion.  As the parade heads north, it pauses at the Clark Lake Cemetery.  At this point, a prayer will be said by former Clarklake Community Church Pastor John Reed, and taps will be played.  One performer stands near the entrance of the cemetery, the other, at the far west boundary.  A wreath will be placed on the headstone of a fallen member of the military.

From there, the parade and viewers move to the lawn of the church.  Phil Krause, a retired Navy chief petty officer and Seabee, will deliver the Memorial Day message.  Chief Krause (E-7) served from 1955 – 1979, two years active duty and the remainder, in the reserves.


Following Chief Krause’s comments, the Columbia Central Marching Band performed the National Anthem.

Here’s what the ceremony at the cemetery looked like in 2022.


And last year’s parade…