Around the lake, quiet conversations are taking place.  Then sketches are drawn.  What’s this about?  Preparing an entry for Raft-O-Rama.  The big day happens Sunday, August 7th.  Decorated rafts will assemble at the west end of the lake and follow the shoreline counter-clockwise.  They will pass the Marina boat dock at Eagle Point where official photos will be taken for judging the Peoples Choice Award.  Then the parade completes its journey around the entire lake. 

This year’s theme is Landmarks & Amazing Places.  Part of the fun is the building process.  Raft-O-Rama is making available construction material in the form of cardboard.  You’ll find the cardboard at Dan Omo’s garage 96 Hyde Road after 5 pm today.  

What else is happening with Raft-O-Rama?   After the parade, the party begins at Eagle Point.  As you cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award, Joey D and the Small Bar Superstars will provide the wall of sound.  Fun for the kids will also be part of the action.  And the Clark Lake Lions Club will be serving up grilled chicken.   Check out some photos from last year’s Raft-O-Rama.


Click here to review Raft-O-Rama results for 2021.